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Getting started is as easy as selecting the genre of product you want to review. Our app has dozens of pre-built review templates to choose from.

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Our live editor will enable you to engage your audience while you complete the review. Engage and create at the same time with S-Revew.

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The math and star score is all done by our application. Once your selected your scores your done and the file is ready to be shared and engaged with by your audience.

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Download your file and promote the product you reviewed! You can use this tool as an affiliate marketer or as a evergreen reviewer.
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Simple, time-saving, digital reviews to engage your audience and promote products.


Decrease your organizations carbon footprint with paperless reviews.

Easy to Understand

Your audience will better understand the product review and may be more likely to engage with your promotion.

Accurate Score

Accurate reviews mean greater audience trust. Use S-REVIEW to reach a wider audience.

Fully Online

Our app is completely online and simple to use! Engage your audience while you live stream your screen.
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