The future Gradebook is here.

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Design Your Classroom

Name your class, provide relevant details, add students, and rubric assessments. Your class, your way.

Import Marks from Rubrics

SuperRubric scores can be entered into your gradebook, autopopulating class information such as class average, average across each criteria, standard deviation of grades and more.

Monitor Growth

Gradebook allows you to identify student strengths and areas for growth. Students doing well will show up green - students who need more help will show up red. No guessing required - just data at work.

Get back to Teaching

Grades are shared to the students portal automatically. Students can login anytime to see their scores, and download rubrics - freeing up more time for teaching and classroom exploration.
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Ms. Stephanie PluchneyGrade 7 Teacher

Super-rubrics helped my students better understand what I was looking for on specific assignments. This stuff is KEY for online teachers! Highly recommend!

Mrs. Jenifer WhiteHigh School Teacher

Major, Major help for online teaching! Customize and attach directly into my google classroom. Might have to give this gradebook a go for next year!

Jason SmithArts Teacher

Best investment I've ever made as a teacher. Get them to set you up with some custom rubrics for your class and your assessment becomes 100x easier and more effective. Great service.

A Gradebook built to perform better than ever before.

Track Diagnostic Assessment

Combine our Gradebook with your SUPERRUBRIC to start your year off right.

Measure Growth

Check student growth everytime you update your gradebook.

Tailor Every Lesson

Accurate assessment means accurate delivery. Use gradebook to better understand what students strengths and needs are.

Monitor Class Improvements

Filter gradebook reports by student or class. Compare and monitor any and all improvements.

Impress Administration

Your administration will LOVE your detailed reports.

Step up Your Spec-Ed

Students with special needs require accurate programming. There is no other platform that provides reports like our gradebook.
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