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Give me the Literacy Booster
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Our Literacy Booster Plan with 10 PDF Literacy Rubrics to Boost Literacy


Book Report Rubric


Discussion Forum Rubric


Essay Writing Rubric


Journal Entry Rubric


Literacy Check Rubric


Oral Presentation Rubric


Poetry Writing Rubric


Reading Proficiency Rubric


Reading Response Rubric


Short Story Writing Rubric

Boosting literacy doesn't need to be complicated. Our plan makes teaching literacy simple.

Use Rubrics to Assess Individual Competency.

Use dozens of literacy rubric templates to assess students baseline achievement. Our rubrics assess reading comprehension, reading fluency, oral communication and more!

Group and track student achievement in Gradebook.

Input student scores into gradebook and let it do it's work. Your gradebook will automatically highlight student strengths and needs making it easier for you to group students and instruct literacy.

Get back to teaching.

No need to prepare students for a test. Just get back to teaching and use your library of SUPERRUBRICS to boost literacy and student engagement.

Student Needs Come First.

Our case studies show that students assessed using SUPERRUBRICS scored an average of 17% higher than their peers. Our rubrics are easy to use, simple to understand, and backed by the data.

Rubrics built with software to assess and instruct better than ever before.

Track Diagnostic Assessment

Combine our Gradebook with your SUPERRUBRIC to start your year off right.

Measure Growth

Check student growth everytime you update your gradebook.

Tailor Every Lesson

Accurate assessment means accurate delivery. Use gradebook to better understand what students strengths and needs are.

Monitor Class Improvements

Filter gradebook reports by student or class. Compare and monitor any and all improvements.

Impress Administration

Your administration will LOVE your detailed reports.

Step up Your Spec-Ed

Students with special needs require accurate programming. There is no other platform that provides reports like our gradebook.
Seriously, Give me the Literacy Booster Plan
Ms. Stephanie PluchneyGrade 7 Teacher

Super-rubrics helped my students better understand what I was looking for on specific assignments. This stuff is KEY for online teachers! Highly recommend!

Mrs. Jenifer WhiteHigh School Teacher

Major, Major help for online teaching! Customize and attach directly into my google classroom. Might have to give this gradebook a go for next year!

Jason SmithArts Teacher

Best investment I've ever made as a teacher. Get them to set you up with some custom rubrics for your class and your assessment becomes 100x easier and more effective. Great service.