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Bring teachers back to teaching.

Save time and improve student engagement by using an app that computes grades, strengths, and areas for growth using your chosen rubrics.

No matter the assessment, we’ve got you covered.

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By studying qualitative feedback in education and pairing it with existing quantitative reporting systems SUPERRUBRIC was born. Now you can provide the most accurate assessment without taking your evenings and weekends up with marking.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What exactly is a SUPERRUBRIC?

Backed by qualitative and quantitative research in education, a SUPERRUBRIC combines a Stanine (standard nine) scoring scale with higher and lower learning keywords. Put simply… SUPERRUBRICS provides the most accurate and informative assessment for your students. When you combine our rubrics with our gradebook – your classroom becomes a principle-impressing, learning machine.

How do I create my own SUPERRUBRIC account?

It’s as easy as clicking the Login button – and poof! Your account is created. Using our SUPERRUBRIC template builder is completely free.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

Nahh! Our business is built on improving education – not stealing hard-earned money from teachers. Don’t worry about linking any bank information to our rubric template builder.

Will SUPERRUBRIC work with my online classroom?

At any point of your editing stage, you can Login, Download and send students their rubric in PDF format. This PDF can be attached to any assignment or emailed to any student – completely paper-free! We’re working on making our free rubric templates downloadable as JPEG (pictures) so that you can send them to students in messages as well!

Is it available in my country?

For sure! Our free rubric templates were built to help any class based on common assignments. If you need something specific, tailored to your curriculum you can edit directly on the website – or hire us to help!

Free to Use ✓

You will never be charged when using the free rubric template builder! Our only fees come with additional services that your school board would purchase.

Data-Driven ✓

Data and feedback are part of the new wave of education. Use our research-based rubric templates to assess students based on specific criteria and formulate advanced reports to help them grow and thrive.

Simple and Fast ✓

Teaching time is SUPER valuable! Fortunately for you, customizing and downloading your very own SUPERRUBRIC takes less than 5 minutes!